Stepparent Survey Overview

Dr. Bill Nodrick 2006



The Stepfamily Foundation of Alberta performs many activities on behalf of stepfamilies, including research. The ultimate goal of this research is to help stepfamilies succeed.

Purpose of the Present Research: This study has three goals:

1)      to identify the different stepparenting styles that appear naturally in stepfamilies,

2)      to determine which of these styles are the most effective, and

3)      to figure out how to improve the less effective ones. 

How can you help?  This study is now nearing completion, but it still requires additional information from: biological, adoptive, and foster parents as well as from stepparents. If you are a parent, please consider assisting us in this work by completing the following questionnaire about your own situation and experiences.

To guarantee your privacy:  We require no identifying information, so you can answer the questionnaire with complete confidence.

Accessing the Final Results: As soon as all of the results are tabulated, they will be published on the Stepfamily Foundation of Alberta  web site.


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