Our Advantage



  • providers of specialized services for stepfamilies since 1999
  • counselled many hundreds of stepfamily members.
  • developed and delivered seminars and courses for stepfamilies


  • Gender balanced
  • Research based
  • Solution focused
  • Highly structured


  • face-to-face sessions
  • teleconference sessions
  • videoconference sessions
  • evening sessions
  • weekend sessions
  • sessions booked to accommodate child care schedules

Formats Available:

  • individual sessions
  • couple sessions
  • family sessions
  • seminars
  • courses


  • Building Stepfamilies That Work: A comprehensive structured course for stepfamily couples
  • When HE Has Kids...and You Don't: A highly specialized course for stepmothers who have never had a biological child of their own,
  • Stepfamily Problem List: Distinguishes between common, everyday problems and those requiring focused attention
  • Stepfamily Stress Inventory: Identifies stress creating aspects of the stepfamily's structure, shows how stressors are impacting the individual, and assesses the strength and availability of resources to manage those stressors.
  • Stepparent Self Assessment: A rating scale designed to assess and guide a stepparent's across 8 developmental areas.
  • Stepparent Survey: Assesses a stepfamily's functioning and needs across 15 developmental areas.
  • Stepfamily Specific Problems: A list of problems that frequently appear in stepfamilies, but are most unlikely to be present in biological (i.e., first) families.
  • Written many helpful, practical articles (e.g., shuttling) on stepfamily issues, concerns and solutions.


  • Results obtained from our surveys and formal research studies that are sponsored by the Foundation are incorporated into the services and resources we make available to the stepfamilies we serve.


  • Over 90% of all couples who have completed our courses and/or counselling since 1999 are still together.


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