Discipline with Dignity:

What Your Children Need and Want From You

Dr. Bill Nodrick 2000


Discipline is often a BIG problem in stepfamilies.

  • It is usually one of the top three problems stepfamilies report - and often, it is "problem number one".

  • Discipline problems can make stepfamily life incredibly stressful and frustrating.

  • Discipline problems are very likely to put your couple relationship under a great deal of strain.

  • Often, your instinctive efforts to address discipline problems inadvertently serve to entrench or intensify the very problem you are trying to clear up.


Do you need the Discipline with Dignity program?

Review the items below. The more that are true, the more useful the program will be for you.

  • Do the children frequently fail to comply with your (or your partner's) requests and directives?

  • Do any of the children act in other disrespectful ways towards either of you?

  • Are the children frequently in conflict with one another?

  • Do either of you frequently find yourself "caught in the middle"?

  • Do either of you feel saddled with responsibility for children over whom you have little or no authority?

  • Do you often feel that you are treated like one of the children; or that dealing with your partner is very much like having to deal with another child?

  • Does either of you disapprove of the way the other disciplines any of the children?

  • Do opinions in the household differ regarding required, acceptable and unacceptable behaviour?

  • Do you (or your partner) often feel that your opinion doesn't count?

  • Do you and your partner disagree, in front of the children, on consequences and sanctions for misbehaviour?

  • Do you ever find yourself "siding" with the kids, and against your partner?

  • Is your relationship with the children, (or your partner's relationship with the children) deteriorating, or already bad?

  • Is conflict over managing the children's behaviour negatively impacting your relationship with your partner?

  • Do you worry about "things getting out of hand" when your partner is dealing with your kids, or you need to leave them alone with your partner?

  • Do you and your partner get along much better when the children are away?


The Discipline with Dignity program teaches:

  • Why the essentials required for positive behaviour are so likely to be faulty or absent in stepfamilies,

  • How to diagnose the root cause of specific misbehaviours occurring in your stepfamily,
  • What you need to do to set the stage for positive behaviour in your stepfamily, and
  • Specific techniques to resolve the most troublesome and persistent behaviour problems that often appear in stepfamilies.


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