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Relationship First Aid

  2014 Bill Nodrick, PhD




Relationship First Aid is a home-study program that has proven to work exceptionally well for couples who are planning to start a new stepfamily as well as for those who are already living in a stepfamily union.

What you will learn:

In this program you will learn that the vast majority of relationship problems stem from one or more of five primary sources that we call "Relationship Danger Zones".


For each of these Danger Zones, we'll teach you:

  • what they are,

  • why they emerge, and

  • how they work,

and, we'll also equip you with a full complement of tools, strategies and techniques you can use to:

  • keep your relationship in excellent health;

  • address and resolve any problems that may be surfacing or present in your relationship now, and/or

  • to rekindle your relationship if it has lost its spark.


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Discipline With Dignity:

What your kids need and want from you

  2014 Bill Nodrick, PhD




The Discipline with Dignity program teaches:

  • Why the essentials required for positive behaviour are so likely to be faulty or absent in stepfamilies,

  • How to diagnose the root cause of specific misbehaviours occurring in your stepfamily,
  • What you need to do to set the stage for positive behaviour in your stepfamily, and
  • Specific techniques to resolve the most troublesome and persistent behaviour problems that often appear in stepfamilies.


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