red toolbox   The Stepfamily Intensive


A course for:  Couples*.

The Stepfamily Intensive is ideal for couples who are uneasy with a group setting. 

Course focus:  Intensive instruction for stepfamily couples experiencing persistent couple conflict, child/teen management problems, problems with ex-spouses, and/or conflict with extended family members.

Please note: Depending upon the stepfamily's particular needs, the Stepfamily Intensive may include a good deal of the content covered in Building Stepfamilies That Work.

Requirements*:  The participation of both members of the couple is required. Some involvement of other stepfamily members may also be requested.

Enrolment*:  One couple (with occasional attendance of other stepfamily members).

Duration:  10 weeks, one 1.5 hour session each week. (Longer sessions are generally required when additional stepfamily members are invited to attend.)

Dates:  On-going. Please enquire about available times with our receptionist.

Fee: $200.00 hr.

Presenter: A Certified Stepfamily Foundation of Alberta Instructor

Registration: Advance registration is required.

Call: (403) 245-5744 to register.


Registered Students:


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