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Purpose: Ask an Expert has two purposes:

1) to provide direct support to stepfamilies in search of information and advice, and

2) to develop a searchable library of questions and answers that will be helpful for other stepfamilies.

How Ask an Expert Works:

  • Our stepfamily Experts will choose to reply to one question each week from all of the questions submitted to Ask an Expert during that week. Questions that apply to stepfamilies in general, are much more likely to be selected than those that are highly specific to an individual stepfamily.
  • After all identifying information has been removed, the questions selected--along with the answers provided--will be entered into a searchable library and will be made available to other stepfamilies visiting the Stepfamily Foundation of Alberta website.

How to submit a question to Ask an Expert:

Step 1) First, click a link below to open the Ask an Expert question page.

Step 2) Next, complete the Expert's questionnaire to provide background information about your stepfamily's circumstances and detail the question you would like addressed.

Step 3) Then watch your email. Your Expert's reply will be forwarded to you within the week.


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