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Tools to Master 4 Essential Stepfamily Tasks


  Bill Nodrick, PhD and Bev Nodrick, RSW 2006


This booklet:

a) defines the four major tasks that every stepfamily must confront and master in order to succeed, and

b) provides a range of practical tools, techniques and resources for getting the job done.


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High Impact Fixes for Stepfamily Problems

  Dr. Nodrick 2014

Hi Impact Fixes for Stepfamily Problems is a compilation of strategies and step-by-step instructions that were designed to address and resolve a broad range of perplexing and persistent problems that often appear in a stepfamily setting.


The topics covered include:

  • Communication problems

  • Nurturing your couple relationship

  • Setting up a household together

  • Discipline

  • Building a relationship with a stepchild

  • Dealing with "the EX"

  • Money and finances,

  • and much more


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