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Stages of the Stepfamily


  Bev Nodrick, RSW 2009


This remarkably informative and helpful video: 

  • paints and overview of the critical developmental stages of the stepfamily,

  • details the specific challenges each stage presents,

  • maps out how long it should take you to negotiate each of these stages,

  • describes problems and conflicts likely to appear in each stage,

  • defines the roles and responsibilities that must be fulfilled in each stage,

  • specifies the goals that must be accomplished to progress to the next stage, and

  • spells out practical solutions to address each of the required tasks and resolve those persistent problems.

In summary, Stages of the Stepfamily will tell you:

  • where you are now,
  • where you need to be next, and
  • how to get there.

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 Dealing With the "Ex"

  Bill Nodrick, PhD, Bev Nodrick, RSW 2014

Dealing With the "Ex" is the essential resource for anyone struggling in their efforts to co-parent with a troublesome prior spouse.

This comprehensive guide:

  • outlines the difficulties troublesome prior spouses tend to present,

  • details the complex dynamics underlying these difficulties, and

  • defines specific and practical strategies to address and resolve them.

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