Our Services: An Overview


Information: The Foundation houses a library of articles and recordings that describe stepfamily dynamics and the actions necessary to address and resolve difficulties that commonly appear in a stepfamily setting. Our Directors regularly present free information seminars for the public and other interested groups and organizations. Our staff are currently preparing a book of strategies for addressing persistent stepfamily problems and developing a number of instructional videos and interactive course materials.   

Support:  Foundation volunteers (who have all completed one or more of our courses) are available to provide telephone support to individuals needing an opportunity to: discuss their particular concerns, get some ideas, or do some brainstorming. Referrals to community based support groups are also available.

Courses:  The Foundation provides on-going courses for stepfamily members regarding stepfamily dynamics and strategies for addressing stepfamily specific concerns.

Counselling: Individual, couple and family counselling are all available. Most can be delivered via in-person sessions, telephone conference sessions, and/or videoconference sessions.

Training:  The Foundation provides training and accreditation for Counsellors, Instructors and other professionals providing services to stepfamilies.

Research:  Research to: a) further the knowledge base regarding stepfamilies, and b) to develop better methods to assist stepfamilies achieve stability and harmony are on-going at the Foundation.

Referrals: As appropriate, the Foundation provides referrals to Stepfamily Foundation approved counselling, mediation, legal, and other professionals with specific expertise in the stepfamily.



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