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Providing help and hope for: stepfamily stepfamilies family families blended blending broken biological nuclear origin stepmother stepfather stepparent stepmom stepdad step mom dad mother father stepson stepdaughter stepchild stepchildren stepsister stepbrother stepparent stepparents the ex prior spouse ex wife ex husband finances money dating rules rituals divorce alimony support payments custodial noncustodial caregiver couple relationship relationships honesty trust white knight grief loss inheritance research how to next of kin kinship just us guilt caught in the middle courts legal access custody visitation communication love conflict rivalry marriage marital management courses counselling counseling peer support consultation advice stages development developmental parenting discipline chores family meetings hope fun stress courses workshops counselling counsellor counselor counseling trust guidance guilt caught in the middle outsider Building Stepfamilies That Work When He Has Kids...and You Don't stepfamily intensive videoconference telephone conference teleconference training skype free resources tools techniques find a therapist therapy psychoeducational psycho educational psycho-educational irresponsible bipolar substance abuse boundaries  gender differences gender-based parenting styles tantrums disrespect respect unfair special breakdown break down inheritance heirlooms wills money and finances chaos school problems frozen visitation shuttling home house residence residential second new bonus wives husbands kin extended court maintenance support payments alimony welfare needs risk rivalry sib sibling date night dating introducing new partner original loss losses mourning grief stress depression withdraw withdrawing withdrawn Disneyland ddad mom scapegoat tension fail failing failure reject  nurture nurturing wholesome healthy friendly inviting accepting rejecting exclude excluding undermining bad mouth mouthing lax ineffective disengaged intrusive cunning conniving cruel disinterested his her their ours my mine yours former prior single two parent figure inconsistent conflict management allowance drugs theft inappropriate behaviout behavior last stand ultimatum kicked out selfish mean cruel hostile ruthless inconsiderate unfriendly mis behaviour misbehavior defiant unruly rules roles rituals conform stand offish unpleasant brat baby precious prince princess name names lying lies truth honest honesty faithful unfaithful greedy selfish crude undignified mean childish villain enemy   Calgary Alberta Canada Bev Nodrick RSW Social Worker theft stole steals stealing violate swear meals dinner bed time bedtime abide pray prayer better way guidance support advice direction healing heal health healthy home argue arguments ignore ignores punish impose Scott free insult insults insulting rude crude disobedient harsh yell yelling scream screaming burnout burn out liar thief divide and conquor manipulate deceive pawn activities plans schedule absent intolerable miserable lunch expenses phoney hate hateful hurt hurtful forget forgetful games frustrate frustration frustrating fair The Stepfamily Foundation of Alberta 403 245-5744